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Model: SKY-CB Brand: Skyline Systems
CityBuilder merges 3D PhotoMesh city models together with classification layers, individually modeled layers, and BIM datasets, into a stream-optimized, fully textured, and geospatially-enabled mesh layer (3DML). Generated 3DMLs can be made available to local TerraExplorer clients or published to re..
Compact Tripod Dolly Compact Tripod Dolly
Model: LSE-030-50007 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Make your routine scanning easier with the tripod dolly for laser scanners. Due to the tripod dolly, assembly and disassembly between the various scanner positions are no problem anymore. Save your forces and distribute the load on the tripod dolly.Our most compact radial tripod dolly impresses due ..
Foldable Tripod Dolly Foldable Tripod Dolly
Model: LSE-030-10449 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
The tripod dolly for many applications. With this tripod dolly, you can easily and quickly move the laser scanner, which is attached to a tripod, even through narrow doors or other openings.The tripod dolly consists of two legs that can be folded up easily. On the third side, you have unhindered acc..
Forensic set for determining the line of fire Forensic set for determining the line of fire
Model: LSE-030-10505 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
The Forensic set is used for the determination and analysis of the line of fire.  This set is a perfect tool for forensic science.The high-quality Forensic set consists of 8 very lightweight reference spheres, they are fixed to the trajectory rods in a non-slip way and they serve as reference p..
Model: GEO-ZEB-REVO Brand: GeoSLAM
Do you want a fast and uncomplicated inventory of your building or site?  Then the mobile kinematic laser scanner ZEB-REVO from GeoSLAM is exactly the right solution for you! The ZEB-REVO weighs just 3.5 kg. With the very easy-to-use and handy scanner you capture environments in no time.Functio..
Height adapter Height adapter
Model: LSE-030-11522 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
The height adapter makes it easier for you to work with reference spheres with 145mm (5.71 in) and 200mm (7.87 in) diameter at the same time. The adapter shifts the center of the 145mm sphere to the same height as the center of the 200mm sphere.You can simply screw the adapter between magnet and 145..
Model: LSE-030-50003 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Do you have a scanner with 5/8" thread? And do you want to benefit from the advantages of a lightweight tripod with small pack size? In that case, this carbon tripod is perfectly suited for you. The tripod is extremely robust and perfectly suited for heavy scanners, too.Designated use:You have to de..
Model: LSE-030-10129 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Mobile: A tripod which is so light that you can always take it with you.Make your routine scanning easier with the carbon tripod. Take advantage of the opportunity to significantly save on weight without losing efficiency. Finally, you can enormously reduce the total weight of your equipment with th..
Model: LSE-030-11503 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
The lightweight and robust carbon tripod is perfectly suited for using the Leica BLK 360 laser scanner in combination with the fitting BLK tripod adapter.Depending on the floor, the reliable tripod can be used with rubber feet or spikes. This way, safe positioning of your scanner is guaranteed. ..
Laser scanner prism reference sphere (145mm diameter) Laser scanner prism reference sphere (145mm diameter)
Model: LSE-030-11598 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Due to the plastic measurement sphere with integrated prism, you gain a maximum of flexibility. Due to the combination of an extra precisely machined reference sphere and a prism mirror in the sphere's center, laser scan data and tacheometric measurements can be linked quickly and straightforwardly...
Laser scanner reference sphere set (Flexi) in a backpack Laser scanner reference sphere set (Flexi) in a backpack
Model: LSE-030-10242 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
The robust and made-to-last reference sphere set (6 spheres) for the daily use of various scanners and magnetic holders are delivered in a functional backpack.The reference sphere set Flexi has all product characteristics of the reference sphere set Basic and expands this one by the following charac..
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