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Model: LSE-030-10600 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Practical: Easy-Targets are made of glue-free statically charged material and therefore adhere to almost any clean surface. Easy-Targets are quickly attached and reinstalled again without any residue.Universal: Easy-Targets can be surveyed with any laser scanner and traditional theodolite...
Model: LSE-030-10162 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Attach your reference spheres to glass fronts, windows and all other smooth surfaces. The suction cup holder is the perfect additional solution for façade measuring or for applications in the field of architectural surveys and protection of historical monuments.  The suction cup holder has the ..
Model: SKY-TB Brand: Skyline Systems
TerraBuilder is a 3D terrain database creator with professional-grade tools for manipulating and merging aerial photos, satellite images, and digital elevation models of different sizes and resolutions. The resulting photo-realistic, geographically accurate terrain database can be made available to ..
Tripod adapter with 3/8 inch connection (for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5)
Model: LSE-030-10201 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Due to this adapter, rapid and safe mounting and dismounting of the FARO Focus or Trimble TX5 on a tripod with claw system is no problem any longer.You can assemble your scanner with positive centering exactly on a fixed point.Product characteristicsdiameter: 80mm (3.15 in), height: 48mm (1.89 in)ad..
Tripod castors (3 pieces) Tripod castors (3 pieces)
Model: LSE-030-10747 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Simply remove the tripod tips and replace them with tripod castors. This way, you turn your tripod into a mobile scanning station.Designated useEasy movement of laser scanner and tripod between scan positionsProduct characteristicsCastors with brakesWeight per castor: 320gRubber-tiredTire size: 75 x..
UltraX Reference Sphere (inc. 2 connectors) UltraX Reference Sphere (inc. 2 connectors)
Model: LSE-030-10523 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
The newest product of our UltraX series is a highly accurate reference sphere that is equipped with two M8 connectors located opposite to each other. Beside the many benefits, which result from the material and highly accurate fabrication of our UltraX spheres, the reference sphere provides a furthe..
Model: LSE-030-10484 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Scanning without a tripod - that's possible! Using the ceiling mount for scanners, you can work flexibly and independently of the tripod. Whether you want to scan overhead from a lifting platform or you can only scan from a crossbeam, the laser scanner can be fixed reliably with the help of the ceil..
Universal tribrach adapter Universal tribrach adapter
Model: LSE-030-10283 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
This universal tribrach adapter is suited for many applications in surveying industry. For laser scanning, this adapter is the ideal tool to use your laser scanning accessories together with your surveying equipment.We offer you a tribrach adapter with claw system suited for your surveying projects...
Model: VER960 Brand: ClearEdge3D
Why use BIM with Laser Scanning in construction? Simple… reduce costs and delays, get better value out of your BIM model! Verity dramatically reduces this financial impact, resulting in reduced risk, more profitable construction projects, more accurate as-builts and fewer schedule delays. Verity c..
Warning kilt for tripod Warning kilt for tripod
Model: LSE-030-11475 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Using the tripod warning kilt, you optimize the visibility of your laser scanner on the tripod. Simply place the warning kilt around the tripod and close it with the hook and loop fastener.Thanks to the reflective strips, the visibility of your tripod is increased significantly when light is inciden..
Model: LSE-030-10378 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
For large drawings, we recommend the use of a field book frame in A3 format so that your notes and drawings in the field will be legible and clear. The frame can be flipped open and provides the possibility to clamp one or several A3 sheets. Due to a transparent cover plate, your drawings are protec..
Model: LSE-030-10377 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
A field book frame is equipment for keeping a log in the field. The frame can be flipped open and provides the possibility to clamp one or several A4 sheets. A solid aluminium plate serves as a blotting pad. Furthermore, a transparent cover plate protects the document from wetness. The frame is..
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