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Marking Materials

Model: LSE-030-11225 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Fast: Pull off and affix the sticker, fix the reference sphere clearly - again and againComfortable: Clear marking of your reference points; thus, measurements can be devolved partiallyFlexible: Reference points can always be detected and used againWith the reference sticker, work is simplified. Mar..
Model: LSE-030-10221 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
In your laser scanning project, you don't have any magnetic surfaces available for attaching your reference sphere?  In that case, we have the appropriate solution for you!Attach our 3D measuring point disk on walls, concrete and wood. The metallic disk allows an easy fitting and precise cente..
Model: LSE-030-10222 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Do you quickly need centered reference spheres for your registration? Are no metallic surfaces available for attaching your reference spheres?  In that case, benefit from our 3D precision measuring disk!The 3D precision measuring disk is the superior development of the 3D measuring disk. The di..
Model: LSE-030-10102 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Do you want to benefit from the advantages of the measurement point sticker and use the sticker as an advertising medium at the same time?  In that case, order the 3D measuring point sticker with your own company logo!With the 3D measuring point sticker, you facilitate your work. By affixing th..
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