ClearEdge3D has published the latest version EdgeWise 5.3.1.  

As of now, the modeling software provides you with the following improvements and new functions:

Autodesk 2020 support

Thanks to the newest version, you can seamlessly integrate your EdgeWise data with the new Autodesk AutoCAD, Plant 3D and Revit 2020 software and advance your scan-to-BIM workflows with the newest Autodesk technologies.

Enhanced Structure Resize Tool

The advanced structure resize tool now intelligently maintains thickness as it resizes structural members.

Upgraded Clipping Tool

ClearEdge3D has enhanced the clipping tool to automatically switch the camera view from perspective to orthographic mode to streamline your workflow and get you back to modeling faster!

More enhancements

  • EdgeWise Plant 3D plug-in now supports Autodesk AutoCAD/Plant 3D 2020
  • EdgeWise Revit Plug-in now supports Autodesk Revit 2020.
  • Added Centerlines (.DXF) option to Pipe Export menu.
  • Added Routing Lines (.DXF) to Pipe Export menu.
  • The Structure resize tool will now choose the most similar thickness when resizing.
  • When attempting to create a reducing elbow between two pipes of the same size, a normal elbow will be created instead.
  • The Camera will now switch to Orthographic Mode automatically when the Clip tool is activated instead of prompting the user to do so.
    If the camera was in Perspective Mode beforehand, it will return to Perspective Mode after the operation is complete.
  • Changed the name of EdgeWise Revit plug-in to EdgeWise_Revit_Plug-in to make it clear what product the plug-in pertains to.
  • Changed the default background color to a modern dark grey.
  • Changed default camera view angle to 70 degrees for a more cinematic look and feel.
  • Changed “disk full” error message written in .log file to be more clear and helpful.
  • Added warning before the start of Process Scans that will occur if disk space is low.
  • Korean pipe standards added.