The new CityBuilder 7.0 brings improved features along with much more refined 3D Mesh Model workflows and support.

What's New in CityBuilder 7.0

Precise Cutting of Mesh Model Polygons

Optimized mesh model classification mechanism produces clean, precisely cut mesh models that closely align with their classification polygons, for increased model classification accuracy.

Loading of Mesh Layers in 3DML Format

CityBuilder 7.0 extends mesh layer import support to include the 3DML format. This enables you to load “unclassified” 3DML’s created in PhotoMesh or CityBuilder and merge them with classification information to support access to attribute data and performance of feature layer operations.

Support for 3DML with Ground Layer

CityBuilder 7.0 loads 3DML’s with ground layers that were created by PhotoMesh and generates classified 3DML’s with these ground layers. This enables the drawing in TerraExplorer of “on terrain” objects and more natural movement of dynamic objects on the 3DML ground surface.

Working with SkylineGlobe Server (SGS)

You can easily connect to your SkylineGlobe Server to query and search all published data layers to find the standard geographical data you require for a project. SkylineGlobe Server replaces the discontinued TG/SFS server and TerraCatalog, maintaining detailed information about uploaded layers and projects.

Additional Input Formats

CityBuilder 7.0 extends model and classification layer support to SQLite and GeoPackage formats.

GUI Changes

The Tools tab (formerly named Analysis tab) has been expanded to include additional capabilities for taking measurements, adding terrain objects, connecting to SkylineGlobe Server, and controlling your view in the 3D Window.

New Version of ContextCapture Mesh Layers

CityBuilder 7.0 supports ContextCapture’s new version of LODTreeExport.

Improved Performance

CityBuilder 7.0 features improved performance in the creation of a multi-resolution, stream-optimized 3D mesh layers through the merging of mesh layers, traditional models, BIM models, and classification layers. 

About CityBuilder

CityBuilder merges 3D mesh models generated by PhotoMesh and/or layers with individually referenced 3D models into a stream-optimized and fully textured urban model. These layers are combined, in CityBuilder, with mesh layer classification information to create a 3D mesh layer database (3DML) that fully supports spatial and attribute queries. The 3DML database can be made available to local TerraExplorer clients or published to remote clients using the SkylineGlobe Server 3D Mesh Service. In TerraExplorer, the generated 3DML layers are integrated seamlessly into the terrain, and can be measured, analyzed, and queried using TerraExplorer’s advanced analysis and spatial query capabilities.

CityBuilder - 3D Mesh Classification