CityBuilder 7.0.1 includes a variety of performance enhancing features as well as fixes.

What's New in CityBuilder 7.0.1

This release improves overall stability and performance, and fixes bugs in all the following:

  • Infinite loop error when running CityBuilder on a machine without Internet access.
  • 3DML creation failure when project includes a GML that was converted to a shapefile in QGIS .
  • Corrupted 3DML when yaw and scale are set to any value other than 0.

About CityBuilder

CityBuilder™ merges 3D mesh models generated by PhotoMesh and/or layers with individually referenced 3D models into a stream-optimized and fully textured urban model. These layers are combined, in CityBuilder, with mesh layer classification information to create a 3D mesh layer database (3DML) that fully supports spatial and attribute queries. The 3DML database can be made available to local TerraExplorer clients or published to remote clients using the SkylineGlobe Server 3D Mesh Service. In TerraExplorer, the generated 3DML layers are integrated seamlessly into the terrain, and can be measured, analyzed, and queried using TerraExplorer’s advanced analysis and spatial query capabilities.

CityBuilder - 3D Mesh Classification