This new TerraBuilder release features seamless integration of TerraBuilder with SkylineGlobe Server – Skyline’s private cloud solution – as well as enhanced support for imagery and elevation sources. It also provides automated processing and access to most TerraBuilder operations using a JavaScript file (.js) run by TerraBuilder.

What's New in TerraBuilder 7.0

Working with SkylineGlobe Server (SGS) 

TerraBuilder 7.0 is seamlessly integrated with SkylineGlobe Server (SGS), Skyline’s private cloud solution that provides a comprehensive set of web services for streaming, publishing, and managing 3D spatial data. TerraBuilder clients can upload and publish the completed TBP project or MPT file to the cloud server from TerraBuilder, thereby streamlining your workflow by eliminating the need for any server side login after initial installation. TerraBuilder clients can also access terrain (MPT/TBP) and map (raster, WMS/WMTS) data from SkylineGlobe Server for their TerraBuilder projects.

  1. Searching and streaming - Easily query and search all data layers published to SGS for the geographical data you require for a project. SGS replaces the discontinued TG/SFS server, maintaining detailed information about all uploaded layers and projects. All data on your server is cataloged and referenced so clients can easily find the specific published layer required.
  2. User management – Efficiently set view/edit access to your published layers and projects using the SkylineGlobe Server permissions mechanism.
  3. Publishing – Publish MPT files or DirectConnect (TBP) projects to SkylineGlobe Server directly from TerraBuilder. To prevent unnecessary republishing of layers – especially large layers – TerraBuilder checks the server for similar files (similar MPT files when publishing an MPT and similar layer files when publishing a TBP) before publishing to SGS. The published project is available for use by TerraExplorer desktop, mobile and Web clients and standard geospatial clients such as WMS/WMTS, or as layers for a TerraBuilder project.

Native 64-bit Application

TerraBuilder 7.0 has been redesigned as a native 64-bit application, enabling TerraBuilder to take advantage of available memory for resource-intensive processes. 

Enhanced Support for Imagery and Elevation Sources

TerraBuilder 7.0 added new or updated support for the following formats and servers:

Google Earth Enterprise (GEE) Server (imagery and elevation sources)

Web Coverage Service (WCS) (imagery and elevation sources)

MrSid – updated library 

ECW – updated library

API and Automation

TerraBuilder 7.0 provides automated processing and access to most TerraBuilder operations using a JavaScript script file (.js) that is run by TerraBuilder:

Build and update projects

Automatically start pyramid and MPT creation

Publish MPT files to SGS

Publish DirectConnect projects to SGS

Improved Performance and Stability

TerraBuilder 7.0 features accelerated project loading time for projects with a large number of sources and layer manipulation polygons.