SkylineGlobe Server 7.1.1 extends the current platform with significant usability and performance improvements. In SGS 7.1.1, uploading of projects and layers directly from TerraExplorer to SGS is faster than ever. Offering support for floating licenses from the Skyline Floating License Server (SFLS), SkylineGlobe Server 7.1.1 provides the flexibility to add and remove servers without modification to your license file. The latest version of SkylineGlobe Server (SGS) also incorporates new TerraExplorer for Web authentication options, new View/Edit access options, and easily-generated data access and upload reports. 

What's New in SkylineGlobe Server 7.1.1

SkylineGlobe Server 7.1.1 release improves overall stability and performance, and includes bug fixes, notable improvements include:

  • Streaming performance when accessing 3DML datasets on a shared storage from multiple servers
  • Client-side cache for 3DML layers streamed from SGS
  • Loading into TerraExplorer of classified 3DML with Chinese attribute values
  • Feature layers with Chinese attribute names and values
  • Saving of TE4W configuration settings

About SkylineGlobe Server

SkylineGlobe Server is a private cloud solution that provides a comprehensive set of web services for publishing, storing, managing and streaming 3D spatial data. SkylineGlobe Server provides streaming services for all your spatial data types including terrain (MPT/TBP), map (WMS/WMTS), feature (WFS/WFS-T), 3D Mesh (3DML, 3D Cesium tiles), and point cloud (CPT, 3D Cesium tiles). All data on your server is cataloged and referenced so clients can easily find the specific published layer required. Your data is kept safe by multiple security layers, including restriction of each user group to predefined data folders and a robust user authentication mechanism.

SkylineGlobe Server can be configured as a single server or as part of a collection of servers (server cluster) that communicate with each other in order to serve data to clients with higher availability.

Individual geospatial layers and complete projects can be directly uploaded and published to the cloud server from TerraExplorer or other Skyline client applications, thus streamlining your workflow and eliminating the need for any server-side login after initial installation. Through a single publishing operation, data is made ready for consumption by all TerraExplorer clients: Desktop, Mobile, and TE for Web, as well as other OGC clients. Server-side geospatial layers that are stored in existing data stores on the server can also be published by scanning their data stores and publishing selected layers.

The server’s built-in complete user access control system allows easy management of users, groups, and administrative roles controlling the server-side storage and client-side read/write permissions.

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