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Payment Regulations

1 - Payment Process

Buyers after choosing to buy products of GeoInstinct Vietnam will make the payment according to online payment process via credit card, transfer:

• Step 1: Buyers find out information about products or services posted.

• Step 2: Buyer authenticates the order (phone, message, email).

• Step 3: Seller confirms buyer information.

• Step 4: Buyers pay via the following account information:

Account name:

Account number

At the bank:

• Step 5: The seller delivers the goods.

• Step 6: Buyers receive the goods

2 - Secure transaction security

In order to ensure that transactions are successfully carried out, maximum risk can be minimized. Buyers should provide full information (name, address, telephone number, email) when purchasing GeoInstinct Vietnam so that GeoInstinct Vietnam can contact the buyer immediately in the event of an error.

When paying online by ATM card, Visa, Master, the buyer should carry out and not disclose GeoInstinct Vietnam card information. GeoInstinct Vietnam does not store the card information of the buyer after payment, but through the system of affiliated banks should absolutely protect the card information for customers.

In the case of errors occurring during the online payment, GeoInstinct Vietnam will try to solve the problem within 1 working day after receiving the information from the trader, however in some circumstances, this may take longer.