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Return Policy

  1. All equipment is covered for free during the warranty period.
  2. New items purchased within 30 business days will be replaced immediately if the inspection of the goods damaged due to manufacturer's fault. In case there is no new goods to exchange, it will be agreed to change to other new goods of equivalent value or will refund the money that you have bought. Note: This does not apply to worn-out equipment, equipment that has been opened, screwed, repaired, broken, damaged, or otherwise scratched or dirty.
  3. If goods have been purchased over 30 days , they will be returned for warranty (repair). If it can not be repaired then the store will replace another equivalent product and this product is not necessarily new 100%.
  4. The warranty period is from 3 -> 7 days working from the date of receipt and may be dealt with sooner or later.
  5. For non-repairable devices that are out of stock because they are no longer in production or are no longer in circulation, you must wait for the distributor to exchange other items of equivalent value or higher or provide Compensation under the agreement of current prices on the market. The warranty period for replacement products will be continued, but not guaranteed from the beginning.
  6. For equipment not repaired in the country must be sent to the manufacturer abroad, the duration can last from 4 to 8 weeks and or rare occasions, maybe longer. GeoInstinct will to provide for customer with timely status where possible.