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GeoInstinct is the Official Distributor of Leica Geosystems in Vietnam.

Tripod Accessories

Butler for plummet hook Butler for plummet hook
Model: LSE-030-11476 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Using the butler for plummet hook, you can attach warning lights with magnet quickly and easily to your tripod.Designated useattachment to the tripod's plummet hookWhen used together with LED warning light, perfectly suited to increase visibility of tripod and scannerProduct characteristicspowder-co..
Compact Tripod Dolly Compact Tripod Dolly
Model: LSE-030-50007 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Make your routine scanning easier with the tripod dolly for laser scanners. Due to the tripod dolly, assembly and disassembly between the various scanner positions are no problem anymore. Save your forces and distribute the load on the tripod dolly.Our most compact radial tripod dolly impresses due ..
Foldable Tripod Dolly Foldable Tripod Dolly
Model: LSE-030-10449 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
The tripod dolly for many applications. With this tripod dolly, you can easily and quickly move the laser scanner, which is attached to a tripod, even through narrow doors or other openings.The tripod dolly consists of two legs that can be folded up easily. On the third side, you have unhindered acc..
Quick Release for Laser Scanner Carbon Tripod  (for FARO Focus 3D and Trimble TX5) Quick Release for Laser Scanner Carbon Tripod  (for FARO Focus 3D and Trimble TX5)
Model: LSE-030-10131 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Realize your laser scanning project even faster.  With the quick release, you can easily and quickly fasten the laser scanner FARO Focus or Trimble TX5 to the carbon tripod - and you can disassemble it just as quick. For that purpose, a pan head is screwed on the tripod, a moving head disk on t..
Rotatable tripod adapter (for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5) Rotatable tripod adapter (for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5)
Model: LSE-030-10262 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Height of the mirror axis: 196mmThe tripod adapter enables you to attach your Focus or Trimble TX5 to a tribrach. The special height of the adapter allows a precise height of 196mm (7.72 in) for the rotation axis of the scanner mirror. This height corresponds exactly to the height of the tilting axi..
Rubber Feet for Carbon Tripod (3 pieces) Rubber Feet for Carbon Tripod (3 pieces)
Model: LSE-030-10726 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
We offer the rubber feet as spare parts for LSE carbon tripods.CompatibilityLaser scanner carbon tripod for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5Laser scanner carbon tripod with quick release for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5Laser scanner carbon tripod with 5/8" connectionDelivery contents3 rubber feet..
Small tripod adapter (5/8" to 3/8")
Model: LSE-030-10132 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Do you need to attach your FARO Focus scanner to your tripod, but the threads don't match? Simply use our adapter to adjust your tripod thread from 5/8" to 3/8".Product characteristicsdiameter: 50mm (1.97 in), height: 25mm (0.98 in)5/8" female thread3/8" male thread; thread length: 10mm (0.39 in)wei..
Stable Tripod Dolly Stable Tripod Dolly
Model: LSE-030-10278 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Our most stable tripod dolly. Move your laser scanner on the tripod comfortably from shaft to shaft. The triangular form has been designed especially for overhead scanning. Lower your scanner in shafts and the like without the need to disassemble and assemble scanner and tripod after each scanning s..
Tripod adapter with 3/8 inch connection (for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5)
Model: LSE-030-10201 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Due to this adapter, rapid and safe mounting and dismounting of the FARO Focus or Trimble TX5 on a tripod with claw system is no problem any longer.You can assemble your scanner with positive centering exactly on a fixed point.Product characteristicsdiameter: 80mm (3.15 in), height: 48mm (1.89 in)ad..
Tripod castors (3 pieces) Tripod castors (3 pieces)
Model: LSE-030-10747 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Simply remove the tripod tips and replace them with tripod castors. This way, you turn your tripod into a mobile scanning station.Designated useEasy movement of laser scanner and tripod between scan positionsProduct characteristicsCastors with brakesWeight per castor: 320gRubber-tiredTire size: 75 x..
Model: LSE-030-10484 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Scanning without a tripod - that's possible! Using the ceiling mount for scanners, you can work flexibly and independently of the tripod. Whether you want to scan overhead from a lifting platform or you can only scan from a crossbeam, the laser scanner can be fixed reliably with the help of the ceil..
Warning kilt for tripod Warning kilt for tripod
Model: LSE-030-11475 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Using the tripod warning kilt, you optimize the visibility of your laser scanner on the tripod. Simply place the warning kilt around the tripod and close it with the hook and loop fastener.Thanks to the reflective strips, the visibility of your tripod is increased significantly when light is inciden..
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