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Model: RTM960 Brand: ClearEdge3D
Rithm for Navisworks allows you to perform Floor Flatness and Levelness (FFL) analysis directly from scan data loaded into Autodesk Navisworks, on wet or dry concrete in near real-time.The software gives you robust insights of flooring deviations with heat maps, contours and grids points, which..
Model: LSE-030-10344 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Do you already have acquired a ranging pole with a ranging pole strut support?  Do you want to ensure that the rod level is positioned vertically in order to get optimal measurement results? In that case, the adjustable metal rod level is just what you need. You can easily hold the ro..
Rotatable tribrach adapter Rotatable tribrach adapter
Model: LSE-030-10237 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
With this tribrach adapter, you get maximum flexibility. Due to the locking screw, you can turn the target, which is attached to the tribrach adapter, without any problems in order to ensure optimum visibility at any time.The tribrach adapter is suited for many applications in surveying industry. Fo..
Rotatable tripod adapter (for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5) Rotatable tripod adapter (for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5)
Model: LSE-030-10262 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Height of the mirror axis: 196mmThe tripod adapter enables you to attach your Focus or Trimble TX5 to a tribrach. The special height of the adapter allows a precise height of 196mm (7.72 in) for the rotation axis of the scanner mirror. This height corresponds exactly to the height of the tilting axi..
Rubber Feet for Carbon Tripod (3 pieces) Rubber Feet for Carbon Tripod (3 pieces)
Model: LSE-030-10726 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
We offer the rubber feet as spare parts for LSE carbon tripods.CompatibilityLaser scanner carbon tripod for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5Laser scanner carbon tripod with quick release for FARO Focus3D and Trimble TX5Laser scanner carbon tripod with 5/8" connectionDelivery contents3 rubber feet..
Model: LSE-030-10504 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
The scanner backpack is the perfect solution for surveyors who are frequently travelling and/or who don't want to haul a heavy case. No matter if you have to cope with marches in forests or in the mountains or if you travel by plane? With the scanner backpack, you are optimally equipped. You ca..
SkylineGlobe Server SkylineGlobe Server
Model: SKY-SGS Brand: Skyline Systems
SkylineGlobe Server (SGS) is a private cloud solution that provides a comprehensive set of web services for publishing, storing, managing and streaming 3D spatial data. The server’s built-in complete user access control system allows easy management of users, groups, and administrative roles control..
Small Laser Scanner Checkerboard Target (inc. 2 connection types) Small Laser Scanner Checkerboard Target (inc. 2 connection types)
Model: LSE-030-10368 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Universal:  This target plate can be used with both laser scanners and tachymeters.Flexible:  Besides its compact dimensions ensuring easy handling, the target plate is an ideal laser scanning companion due to its ability to measure long distances.Product characteristicstorsion-stiff ..
Small tripod adapter (5/8" to 3/8")
Model: LSE-030-10132 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Do you need to attach your FARO Focus scanner to your tripod, but the threads don't match? Simply use our adapter to adjust your tripod thread from 5/8" to 3/8".Product characteristicsdiameter: 50mm (1.97 in), height: 25mm (0.98 in)5/8" female thread3/8" male thread; thread length: 10mm (0.39 in)wei..
Stable Tripod Dolly Stable Tripod Dolly
Model: LSE-030-10278 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Our most stable tripod dolly. Move your laser scanner on the tripod comfortably from shaft to shaft. The triangular form has been designed especially for overhead scanning. Lower your scanner in shafts and the like without the need to disassemble and assemble scanner and tripod after each scanning s..
Standard magnet bolt for reference sphere (M8 thread, length 12mm)
Model: LSE-030-10579 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Product characteristicsadhesion: 125N (corresponds to 13kg)diameter: 40mmheight of magnet: 8mmconnection: M8 male threadthread length: 12mmtotal height: 20mmweight: approx. 83.0gsurface nickel-platedmax. temperature: 80°Cdirection of magnetism: north pole on the adhesive surface..
Model: LSE-030-10599 Brand: Laserscanning Europe
Practical: Easy-Targets are made of glue-free statically charged material and therefore adhere to almost any clean surface. Easy-Targets are quickly attached and reinstalled again without any residue.Universal: Easy-Targets can be surveyed with any laser scanner and traditional theodolite.Flexible: ..
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