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Floor Flatness Surveys

GeoInstinct delivers high-precision floor flatness surveys which are critical for businesses which require floors compliant to ASTM 1155.

Floor Flatness Surveys2023-11-26T14:43:46+07:00
Point Cloud Classification Model using Machine Learning
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Measurement MethodProsCons
Dipstick / Straight Edge
  • Simple and low-cost.
  • Provides a direct visual assessment.
  • Does not require specialized equipment.
  • Subjective and dependent on the operator’s skill.
  • Time-consuming, especially for large areas.
  • Limited accuracy.
F-number System
  • Objective numerical values for flatness and levelness.
  • Enables precise and standardized measurements.
  • Requires specialized equipment (F-number profilers).
  • Initial setup and calibration can be time-consuming.
3D Laser Scanning
  • High accuracy and precision.
  • Captures detailed 3D data for comprehensive analysis.
  • Efficient and reduces assessment time.
  • Initial investment in equipment can be high.
  • Requires skilled operators for optimal results.
  • Limited portability.
Digital Profilometers
  • Real-time data collection.
  • Portable and suitable for various applications.
  • Can provide immediate feedback on floor conditions.
  • Accuracy may vary depending on the quality of the device.
  • Limited to surface measurements.
Automated Robotic Systems
  • Autonomous operation reduces the need for manual intervention.
  • Consistent and repeatable measurements.
  • Higher initial costs for robotic systems.
  • Limited adaptability to certain environments.
Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Automated analysis of large datasets.
  • Enables predictive analytics.
  • Identifies patterns in floor conditions over time.
  • Requires substantial initial data for effective training.
  • Complexity in implementation and maintenance.


Equipment for Floor Flatness Surveys2023-03-22T19:55:50+07:00

GeoInstinct uses a mix of high-tech survey equipment supported by traditional geodetic instruments to provide the most accurate and precise floor flatness surveys available today.

International Standards for Floor Flatness Surveys2023-03-22T19:50:20+07:00

GeoInstinct’s surveying methods are compliant with all international standards for floor flatness, including:

  • Concrete Society Technical Report 34 (4th Edition)
  • European EN 15620
  • German DIN 18202
  • American ASTM 1155
  • ATTMA Technical Standard
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